The 10 Best Enterprise Based Demos in Steam VR

I love the Entertainment and Gaming Industry, who doesn’t? It brought us classics like Dota 2 and Game of Thrones. But in a growing Virtual Reality market there needs to be effective use cases outside of real-time strategy gaming. The implementation of reality systems in enterprises like manufacturing, education, healthcare, and finance will help the spread of VR, AR, and MR into the average consumer mindset (if you’re unsure what the difference between these are, check out my article on them here).

This kind of trickle-down consumption has happened before – most consumers in the 70s didn’t need a personal computer, but because the corporate finance and STEM industries realized how instrumental data computing was to their industry, they trained their employees how to use them. They gave them computers at work and incentivized the use of them, and in a similar way this could impact the sphere of mixed reality systems.

Because most of the realm of Virtual Reality is in the Entertainment and Gaming Industry, and rightly so – it’s awesome, I’ve decided to help along in my own way. I don’t exactly have the time or resources (at this current moment in time: stay tuned later) to create more enterprise-based VR applications. However, I’ve tested a ton of VR Demos currently in Steam VR and created a list of some of the best demos out there that are available for the average consumer along with use cases for how these could be implemented.

Data Visualization

I’ll be the first one to admit it, Excel and PowerPoint suck for showing graphical relationships. Their charts and tables systems are outdated, and they haven’t been updated for years. In fact, the ability for the human mind to understand statistical significance in pie charts alone is astoundingly low. But you know what the human mind is good at? Understanding depth. Virtual Reality dashboards and metrics could be the future of the Finance Industry, with the Z-index involved we could end up throwing out the old 2D representations.

LookVR Link


Calcflow Link


DatavizVR Link


360 Desktop Link



Social VR for Business

You remember that 1pm call you had right after lunch? Mmm neither do we. That’s because you brain doesn’t take as much cognitive load when it’s staring at a shared Powerpoint via Skype versus talking to people in a board room. Meeting with actual people in a room, even if they are character placeholders, allows you to connect with presentations and people in a more personal space.

AltspaceVR Link


BeanVR Link



Product Design and Model Prototyping

If your company has any form of product design, than developing in VR is your next move. The look and shape of a 3D object portrays a lot of how a user will interact with it, and modelling prototypes even in cardboard takes a ton of time and energy. This could help Industries like Retail and Architecture immensely.

Dry Erase Link


Blocks by Google Link


Showroom for Object Placement

If you’re even somewhat familiar with VR, you know this is already a huge factor in Retail especially. Real Estate in stores is essential, and we all know some companies builds entire buildings dedicated to trying to showcase their product in the best and most accessible way. I could see this having a great benefit in the Hotel Industry, especially for room to room diversity.

OzGrind Virtual Reality Showroom Link


Work Site Exploration

This is one of those ideas that is only specific to one use case, but what a use case that is! Google Earth is an AMAZING demo and allows the user to go ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. You can change the time of day, the location, and even your positioning within space. It’s an amazing tool, and work site exploration is a valuable area of business. This could impact the Construction and Architecture Industries in a big way.

Google Earth Link




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