VR/AR Conferences & Hackathons in North America

This article is based on the 2017 VR and AR conference locations and may be subject to change. This is a blog post and is an accumulation of research done by myself. Please be advised that some of these conferences and hackathons may be geared towards solely students or solely experienced individuals. Please respect each event’s wishes and rules accordingly. If I have missed any or the current ones have relocated, please comment below with the name, location, and website or weblink detailing the conference and/or hackathon. These locations are grouped by proximity. There are five groups in North America: Greenland, Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean. These groups are subcategorized by region, state, and then city depending on the amount of conferences and hackathons provided in that area. If the group, region, state, or city are not mentioned, then I am unaware of a conference/hackathon located in that area.



*This is how I have broken the states down by region. Please don’t hurt me for lumping your state in a region you don’t like. Photo found at: http://www.studying-in-us.org/regions-of-the-united-states/



*Taken at VRoCK Hackathon (Photographer Unknown)

VRoCK Hackathon Kansas City, MO

East Coast

*Including Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast


*Taken at Reality, Virtually Hackathon by Andy Ryan

Reality, Virtually Hackathon in Cambridge, MA

Hacking Arts Hackathon in Cambridge, MA

ARIA – Augmented Reality Summit in Cambridge, MA

Triangle VR Hackathon in Raleigh, NC

NYC VR Hackathon in New York City, NY 

NYVR Expo 2017 in New York City, NY

VRevolution in New York City, NY

Virtual Reality 20/20 in New York City, NY

Monthly Music Hackathon NYC in New York City, NY



*Taken at SXSW Conference by Errich Peterson

VR Austin Jam in Austin, TX

Unite Austin in Austin, TX

SXSW in Austin, TX



*Taken at Seattle VR Hackathon by 360 Camera (Photographer Unknown)

Seattle VR Hackathon in Seattle, WA 

Immersive Tech Summit in Bellevue, WA

West Coast


*Taken at VRDC by VRDC Photographer (Photographer Unknown)

Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco, CA

Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in San Francisco, CA

GDC 2018 (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco, CA

Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA

Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Virtual Reality Expo in San Francisco, CA

Google I/O in San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley VR Expo 2018 in San Jose, CA

F8 – Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, CA

Oculus Connect 4 in San Jose, CA

WWDC in San Jose, CA

Creating Reality Hackathon in Los Angeles, CA

VRLA 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

Digital Hollywood Fall in Los Angeles, CA

Digital Hollywood Spring in Los Angeles, CA

E3 in Los Angeles, CA

AT&T SHAPE Tech and Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA

Augmented World Expo 2018 in Santa Clara, CA

Vision VR/AR Summit 2018 in Hollywood, CA

DH Events at CES in Las Vegas, NV

NAB 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV




*Taken at FIVARS by FIVARS Photographer (Photographer Unknown)

Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories in Toronto, Canada

Immersed 2017 in Toronto, Canada


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 5.02.15 PM

*Taken at VR FEST MX by VR FEX MX Photographer (found on https://www.instagram.com/p/BX8Zew9H43B/?taken-by=vrfestmx)

Mexico City

VR FEST MX in Ciudad de México CDMX, Mexico 





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